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Article: How To Use Cones & Blunts To Smoke Your CBD Flower

Blunt paper on a bed of CBD flower

How To Use Cones & Blunts To Smoke Your CBD Flower

SPLYFT 24K Gold Edition 25mg CBD Infused Cones – Granddaddy Purple

Are you a fan of CBD flowers? Looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy its benefits? Look no further than cones and blunts! These traditional smoking methods offer a unique and flavourful experience that enhances the natural qualities of your CBD flower.

Cones, blunts, joints, and spliffs are all popular choices for smoking CBD flowers. They provide a convenient way to consume your favourite strains, allowing you to enjoy the rich flavours and aromas.

One exceptional product to elevate your CBD smoking experience is the SPLYFT 24K Gold Edition 25mg CBD Infused Cones – Granddaddy Purple. These luxurious cones are clad with shiny 24 Karat Gold, giving them a classy vibe. Made with the finest Gold, they come pre-made and ready to be packed with your favourite CBD flower.

The SPLYFT Gold Cones are infused with 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD, providing the ultimate smoking experience. Each cone is flavoured with the popular Granddaddy Purple strain, ensuring a delightful and aromatic session. They are also third-party lab tested, ensuring their quality and purity.

When it comes to smoking CBD flower, cones and blunts offer a variety of advantages. Here are some tips on how to use them effectively:

1. Grinding Your CBD Flower

Before filling your cone or blunt, it's important to grind your CBD flower to a consistency that suits your preference. A grinder can help achieve an even grind, allowing for better airflow and combustion.

2. Filling the Cone or Blunt

Once your CBD flower is ground, carefully fill the cone or blunt. Ensure the flower is evenly distributed, avoiding any gaps or air pockets. This will result in a smooth and consistent burn.

3. Twisting and Sealing

After filling the cone or blunt, twist the end to seal it. This step is crucial to prevent any loss of CBD flower during smoking. A tightly sealed cone or blunt will provide a more enjoyable smoking experience.

4. Lighting Up

When it's time to light up your cone or blunt, use a lighter or hemp wick to evenly ignite the tip. Start by applying the flame to the edge and rotate the cone or blunt to ensure an even burn. Take slow and steady puffs to fully experience the flavours and effects of your CBD flower.

Remember, cones and blunts burn slowly, allowing you to savour the flavours and effects of your CBD flower. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

Blunt paper on a bed of CBD flower

Smoking cones and blunts can add an extra layer of enjoyment to your CBD flower experience. The process of rolling and smoking a cone or blunt can be a ritualistic and relaxing activity, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the flavours and aromas of your CBD flower.

Furthermore, cones and blunts offer a larger smoking surface area compared to joints, allowing for a more substantial hit and a longer-lasting session. The slow and even burn of a cone or blunt ensures that you can fully enjoy the benefits and effects of your CBD flower without wasting any of its precious compounds.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, blunts provide a unique experience. A blunt is made by rolling CBD flower in a tobacco leaf or cigar wrap, adding an extra layer of flavour to your smoking session. The combination of CBD flower and tobacco can create a rich and robust taste that is distinctively different from cones or joints.

When it comes to cones and blunts, one of the key advantages is their convenience. Pre-rolled cones and blunts are readily available, saving you time and effort compared to rolling your own. This is especially beneficial for those who may struggle with rolling or prefer a hassle-free option.

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Whether you choose a cone, blunt, joint, or spliff, the most important aspect is the quality of your CBD flower. Make sure to source your CBD flower from reputable suppliers who prioritize quality and purity. This will ensure that you are getting the full benefits of CBD and enjoying a pleasant and enjoyable smoking experience.

So, why not elevate your CBD smoking experience with the SPLYFT 24K Gold Edition 25mg CBD Infused Cones – Granddaddy Purple? Indulge in the luxurious gold-clad cones infused with the delightful Granddaddy Purple strain. Each cone provides 25mg of full-spectrum CBD, offering a truly exceptional smoking experience.

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