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Article: Overpowering Odour From CBD Flower? Use Containers & Baggies

CBD in a baggie with a rolling paper on a table

Overpowering Odour From CBD Flower? Use Containers & Baggies

Printed Mylar Zip Bag 3.5g Large

When it comes to storing CBD flower, there's nothing worse than dealing with an overpowering odour. Whether you're a casual consumer or a dedicated enthusiast, finding the right solution to keep your CBD flower fresh and odour-free is essential.

One great option for storing CBD flower is by using containers and baggies specifically designed for this purpose. Not only do they help contain the smell, but they also provide a convenient and practical storage solution.

The Benefits of Using Containers

Containers play a crucial role in keeping your CBD flower fresh, potent, and free from unpleasant odours. Let's explore the benefits of using containers for storing CBD flower:

  • Odour Control: Containers are designed to keep odours from escaping. They have airtight seals that prevent the smell of CBD flower from permeating the surrounding area. By using containers, you can enjoy your CBD flower without worrying about unwanted odours lingering in your space.

  • Protection: Containers offer protection against moisture, light, and air exposure, which can degrade the quality of CBD flower over time. The right container will help maintain the freshness and potency of your CBD flower, ensuring that you can enjoy the full benefits of its therapeutic properties.

  • Organization: Using containers allows you to keep your CBD flower neatly organized. You can easily label and categorize different strains, making it convenient to find the desired flower when needed. This level of organization not only saves you time but also ensures that you can easily identify and access the specific strain you're looking for.

  • Longevity: Containers provide a long-term storage solution for your CBD flower. With their protective features, they help extend the shelf life of your flower, allowing you to keep it fresh for a more extended period. This ensures that you can savour the quality and aroma of your CBD flower for a longer time.

The Role of Baggies

In addition to containers, baggies are another useful tool for storing CBD flower. Baggies, such as the Printed Mylar Zip Bag 3.5g Large, are an affordable and effective solution.

These Mylar bags are specifically designed for storing dry herbs like CBD flower. They are made from durable materials that are moisture and oxygen-resistant, ensuring the freshness and quality of your CBD flower. The single-seal zip-locking mechanism allows for easy resealing after use, keeping your CBD flower fresh and free from odours.

With a thickness of 4.5mils, these mylar bags provide an extra layer of protection against light and air exposure, making them ideal for long-term storage. The tear notch feature allows for easy opening once the bag is sealed.

Furthermore, the Printed Mylar Zip Bag 3.5g Large comes with a barcode and sticker label, making it convenient for inventory management and organization. Available in various designs, these large-sized bags are perfect for storing CBD flower in quantities of up to 3.5 grams.

Using baggies like the Printed Mylar Zip Bag 3.5g Large is not only practical but also cost-effective. They are lightweight, compact, and easy to store, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer a portable and discreet option for storing their CBD flower.

When using baggies, it's essential to ensure proper labelling and identification. This will help you keep track of the strains and quantities of CBD flower you have in your collection. Additionally, consider storing your baggies in a dark and cool place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, to further preserve the quality of your CBD flower.

Whether you choose containers or baggies, having a dedicated storage solution for your CBD flower is essential. It helps preserve the quality, potency, and aroma of your flower, ensuring a delightful experience each time you indulge.

CBD in a baggie with a rolling paper on a table


Don't let an overpowering odour ruin your CBD flower experience. By using containers and baggies, you can effectively control and contain the smell, keeping your CBD flower fresh and odour-free. Containers offer benefits such as odour control, protection, organization, and longevity, while baggies provide a practical and affordable solution for storing your CBD flower. Whether you prefer containers or baggies, investing in a dedicated storage solution will help maintain the quality and potency of your CBD flower, ensuring a pleasurable experience every time you use it.

So, say goodbye to unpleasant odours and hello to fresh and potent CBD flower by utilizing the power of containers and baggies!

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