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Article: What are Shishas and How You Can Smoke CBD With Them?

Lady smoking a Shisha

What are Shishas and How You Can Smoke CBD With Them?

Introduction to Shishas

Shishas, also known as hookahs, are traditional smoking devices that have been used for centuries in various cultures. These devices are designed to vaporize tobacco or herbal mixtures and deliver the smoke through a water chamber, creating a smooth and flavourful smoking experience.

Lady smoking a Shisha

Smoking CBD with Shishas

With the rising popularity of CBD products, many enthusiasts are now exploring different ways to consume CBD. One unique method is smoking CBD with shishas. By replacing traditional tobacco with CBD-infused herbal mixtures, users can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD while indulging in the relaxing ritual of shisha smoking.

When smoking CBD with shishas, it is crucial to ensure that you are using high-quality CBD products. Look for reputable brands that provide CBD shisha-flavoured cubes or CBD-infused coal designed specifically for shishas. These products are formulated to enhance the flavour and effects of CBD while producing smooth and satisfying smoke.

The Adnan Al Rasheed Small Single Hose Shisha Pipe

Adnan Al Rasheed Small Single Hose Shisha Pipe
Adnan Al Rasheed Small Single Hose Shisha Pipe

If you are looking for a compact and stylish shisha pipe to enjoy your CBD smoking sessions, the Adnan Al Rasheed Small Single Hose Shisha Pipe is a perfect choice. With a height of approximately 9.5 inches and a hose length of around 64 inches, this single hose shisha pipe is designed for both smoking and decoration purposes.

The Adnan Al Rasheed Shisha Pipe features solid quality materials, ensuring durability and a long-lasting smoking experience. It comes with inner pipe and jar cleaning brushes, making it easy to maintain and clean. The compact size and convenient setup of this shisha pipe make it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Benefits of Smoking CBD with Shishas

Smoking CBD with shishas offers several benefits for both recreational and medicinal users. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: The act of smoking with a shisha pipe is inherently calming and can help alleviate stress and anxiety. CBD, known for its relaxation properties, can further enhance this effect.

  • Flavourful Experience: Shishas come in a variety of flavours, and when combined with CBD-infused herbal mixtures, it creates a unique and enjoyable smoking experience.

  • Potential Health Benefits: CBD is believed to have various potential health benefits, including pain relief, reducing inflammation, and promoting better sleep.

  • Socializing: Smoking with a shisha pipe is often a social activity, providing an opportunity to connect with friends and enjoy a leisurely pastime together.

Tips for Smoking CBD with Shishas

To maximize your CBD shisha smoking experience, consider the following tips:

  1. Choose High-Quality CBD Products: Ensure that you purchase CBD products from reputable brands that provide lab-tested and certified CBD-infused herbal mixtures or shisha-flavoured cubes.

  2. Properly Pack the Bowl: Follow the instructions provided with your shisha pipe to pack the bowl correctly. Optimal packing ensures even heat distribution and consistent vaporization of the CBD-infused mixture.

  3. Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly clean your shisha pipe to prevent the build-up of residue and maintain the quality of your smoking sessions. The Adnan Al Rasheed Small Single Hose Shisha Pipe comes with inner pipe and jar cleaning brushes, making it convenient to keep your pipe clean.

  4. Controlled Inhalation: Take slow, controlled inhalations to allow the CBD-infused smoke to be absorbed effectively. Avoid excessive inhalation, as it may lead to coughing or discomfort.

  5. Enjoy Responsibly: As with any smoking activity, it is essential to enjoy CBD shisha smoking responsibly. Follow the recommended dosage of CBD products and be mindful of your own limits.


Shishas provide a unique and enjoyable way to smoke CBD and indulge in the flavours and relaxation it offers. By choosing high-quality CBD products and using a reliable shisha pipe like the Adnan Al Rasheed Small Single Hose Shisha Pipe, you can elevate your CBD smoking experience to a whole new level.

Remember to enjoy shisha and CBD responsibly, and always follow the recommended dosage of CBD products for a safe and enjoyable experience.

For more information or to purchase the Adnan Al Rasheed Small Single Hose Shisha Pipe, click here.

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