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The Unusual Tea Company

Indulge in unique blends with The Unusual Tea Company at The CBD Hut. Elevate your tea experience with CBD-infused varieties like Cherry Bakewell and Chamomile, carefully crafted to soothe the senses and calm the mind.

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Experience the extraordinary with The Unusual Tea Company collection, available at The CBD Hut. Infused with premium CBD, our artisanal teas offer a delightful fusion of flavours and wellness benefits.

Delve into the gentle sweetness of our Ultracalm CBD Hemp Tea in Cherry Bakewell or the comforting aroma of Chamomile, each sip designed to promote relaxation and tranquillity.

For a burst of summery freshness, explore our Summer Fruits blend, enriched with 3% CBD for a revitalizing experience. Indulge in the creamy richness of Strawberry Cream or the floral elegance of Japanese Cherry, each tea is meticulously curated to deliver a harmonious balance of flavour and CBD goodness.

Dive into the robust taste of English Breakfast, infused with the natural goodness of hemp-derived CBD for a refreshing start to your day. For green tea enthusiasts, our Chun Mee variant offers a subtle yet invigorating blend, enhanced with the therapeutic properties of CBD.

Elevate your tea ritual with The Unusual Tea Company's exceptional tea blends, meticulously crafted to deliver a truly unique and satisfying experience.

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